Santa Margherita

Guesthouse & apartments in Venice

Open my heart and you will see graved inside of it: Italy (Lord Byron)   


Who we are

We are a small business runned almost entirely by our family and we work in the heart of Venice, exactly in Campo Santa Margherita, the most venetian of the venetians “campi”(squares).

We offer our clients these alternatives :


- The flat Santa Margherita 1 Ai Cereri, with 4 beds

- The flat Casa Grande Santa Margherita, with 6 beds

- The flat Mansarda Santa Margherita, with 2 beds

- The flat Santa Margherita a Rialto, with 2/3 beds

The aim of our activity is to satisfy the personal needs of our customers by offering the chance to move around freely together with all the comforts either to a couple in honeymoon or to a family with a baby!

You have just to try it:

look forward to meeting you with a typical venetian “sweetness”!